Our Story

Our story began in 2006 when my wife and I decided to partner for life, writing a new chapter in our families’ heritages of refined jewellery making and design and steel manufacturing industries. The savoir fair we inherited throughout the past four decades inspired the idea of creating this unique idea.

In 2007 our journey started in the Middle East in a very distinctive city called Dubai where every element of this place inspired and motivated us to believe that everything is possible especially if the desert turned green.

Mirna Elie Sarji, My Wife, my inspiration, friend and partner who stood by me since day one, we succeeded and failed many times but never stopped believing in each other or learning from what we passed through. Mirna is an Interior Designer who graduated with honours in 2006 and earned her Master’s Degree from Middlesex University UK in 2011.

10 years in The United Arab Emirates were full of milestones that we achieved alongside our customers who were extended family members for us, inspiring their lifestyle and uplifting their businesses image to the next level that they dream of. In 2018 we decided to move on and redesign our life to extend our services to the Canadian market and establish MES DÉCORS company named after my wife.

MES DÉCORS is a specialist in the Spaces, Interior, and Design of commercial or residential providing holistic services to our clients to enhance their lifestyle or businesses. From Decors to Furniture or Tec services we are the best in class.

With our know-how and market expertise, we provide free-of-mind services tailored to the client’s needs and ensure their satisfaction building trust and long-time relationships that last for a lifetime.

To my wife, I gift MES DÉCORS

Louay Nouneh

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